Schedule of Fees and Charges


Gym Rental:
$50.00 Per Hour
Meeting Room Rental:
$25.00 Per Hour
Weight Room Membership:
$15.00 Per Year
Diamond Rental:
$100.00 Per Diamond/Per Day
($25.00 extra For lights)
User Fees For Tournaments:
$200.00 Per Diamond/Per Day


Tree City Bark Park

$25.00 for one dog, $10.00 for each additional dog

Shelter House Rental: BEGINNING 2023
$60.00 Per Day
$75.00 Per Day/Shelter #2
$125.00 In-County Commercial
$150.00 Out County Commercial

Picnic Tables                                                                                                                                                     $15.00 set of 4-6 tables
Paddleboat Rentals   
$4.00 per half hour
$6.00 per hour


Player Fees (Adults Only)
$10.00 In-County Players
$20.00 Out Of County Players